Program Updates, Success!

Fully-Funded Programs Update

We are so excited to announce some of the Sisters Rising Worldwide programs that were fully-funded in 2020 and during Q1 of 2021:

Reducing Extreme Poverty and Social Inequalities by Empowering Women, Brazil
Women will become agents of influence in their community through workshops and a work cooperative.

Rebuilding School System for Children K-12 in a Village Destroyed by War, Congo
Funds will be used for basic education and vocational skills training in an effort to rebuild their community.

Intensifying School Supports for Struggling Youth, Peru
Provide psychological support for students struggling at a school in the slums of Peru.

Red Rama -Helping Sisters Bring Awareness to and Combat Human Trafficking
Support for the work Sisters are doing to contribute to the awareness and prevention of human trafficking.

Stopping Trafficking through Vocational Education for Vulnerable High School Girls, India
The College purchased a mini-bus that allows the staff to provide transportation to and from internships, which increases students’ employability.

Assam-Empowering Women to be Self-Sufficient, India
Prevent human trafficking in a rural area by investing in a residential school, coaching center, and Women’s Association

MCARE – Helping Rural Farmers Learn Sustainable Farming to be Independent, Philippines
Finish building to provide farmers with needed training and workshops to learn organic and sustainable farming.

Supporting Villagers’ Entrepreneurial Ventures with Training and Seed Money, Philippines
Enable community center to provide vocational training and help with start-up funds for entrepreneurial ventures.

School Impacted by Civil War
Provide solar powered laptops and sewing machines for students in a school in war-torn area.

Empowering the Poor through Microenterprise and Skills Training, India
Help women better their lives through programs that promote gender equality and women’s empowerment.

Help Nigerian Youth Feed Their Country through Vertical Gardens, Nigeria
The youth will build and maintain vertical gardens that will feed the people of Nigeria. The first gardens are being built along the Sisters’ outer walls where there is plenty of sun.

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