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Ukraine A Year Later

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Background It has been over a year since Russia invaded Ukraine and the people of Ukraine still fight for their independence. Ukrainians try to live a normal life while Russian missiles and Iranian-made drones are hitting urban areas everywhere, destroying power grids and plunging cities into darkness.  A Russian missile killed 10 people shopping on […]

Bomb Shelter for Kids in Ukraine

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Background Since February 24, 2022, people throughout Ukraine have too often had to shelter below ground to find safety from Russian aerial attacks. The Situation With bombs regularly exploding around them, three Ukrainian sisters huddle with 10 orphans they care for and 46 children aged 3 to 7, in their kindergarten program.  They seek refuge […]

Helping people with disabilities in El Floron, Ecuador

Sisters’ Program to Provide Services for Impoverished People with Disabilities is Fully Funded

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In Ecuador, an “invasion” is a neighborhood often left to squatters who slowly organize communities without the government’s knowledge or permission. El Floron, Ecuador, has been an “invasion” neighborhood for 30 years. People with disabilities in El Floron struggle to receive consistent, basic, life-saving care or rehabilitation since government funding is sporadic and incomplete.  The […]

Hispanic Volunteers Provide Support and Hope to New Immigrants

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The St. Louis metropolitan area has been one of the fastest-growing areas in the country for immigrants, both documented and undocumented. Many of the new immigrants are Latina single mothers, dealing with significant trauma experienced in their home country, during their migration, and now adjusting to life in the United States. Sr. Rosario Bobadilla recognized […]

A Nun's Life Podcast with Sister Irene

Sister Irene on A Nun’s Life Ministry Podcast

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Founder and president of Sisters Rising Worldwide, Sister Irene was a guest on A Nun’s Life Ministry podcast. She talked about the innovative program that connects Catholic sisters serving in vulnerable communities around the globe, with resources and funding to address issues such as  poverty, homelessness, and hunger. Sister Irene describes the origins of Sisters […]

We Shocked Sister Kathleen Coll: Sisters’ Program to Assist Survivors of Human Trafficking Is Fully Funded

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Since 2009, Dawn’s Place has been a pioneer in offering a safe and caring residential setting for survivors of human trafficking. Thanks to SRW donors, they are now able to hire a part-time social worker to help women transition from Dawn’s Place to independent living.  Located in the United States, Dawn’s Place provides a safe, […]